Task management

Real time geo-aware platform to view, manage and assign tasks

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Geo-verified tasks

Using a simple 2 step process, field executives can mark geo-tagged tasks through the Unolo app. Linking to a particular client/site automatically ensures that the field executive is at the right location before being allowed to start the task.

Fill in custom forms

Design your own forms through the form builder and have your field executives complete the geo-tagged forms through the app. Form's are geo-tagged and easily downloadable into excel format.

Geo-tagged photos

Upload fresh (not through gallery) geo-tagged photos through the Unolo app as additional proof of work done.
gps accuracy
GPS accuracy
works offline
Works offline
work notifications
Work notifications
download to excel
Download to excel

Schedule tasks

Assign tasks manually or via bulk excel upload to your field executives. They'll automatically get notified when new tasks are assigned to them so they can check their work schedule through the app.

Monitor and check for delays realtime

Watch real time task status and check for delays.
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