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Define targets for teams or individuals.

Track progress in real-time.

Multiple target options & timelines.

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Benefits for Administrators

Streamline Your Workflow
Create targets on orders, clients, tasks, forms, and photos to ensure every aspect of your field operations is accounted for.

Assign Targets with Precision
Easily assign targets to teams or individuals, tailoring them to specific needs and responsibilities.

Flexible Timeframes
Set targets for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly durations, aligning them with your business goals and timelines.

Comprehensive Progress Tracking
Access a simple overview window that provides real-time insights into the progress of all targets, helping you stay on top of your field operations effortlessly.

Intuitive Dashboard
No technical skills required! Our user-friendly dashboard lets you effortlessly navigate and monitor target performance.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Download comprehensive reports that offer valuable performance metrics, including top-performing and underperforming individuals or teams.


Benefits for Field Executives

Streamlined Task Management
Focus on what matters most. View all assigned targets in an easy-to-understand window, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Stay On Track
Leverage the intuitive dashboard to gauge your progress and ensure you're on the right path to achieving your targets.

Identify Areas for Growth
Gain valuable insights from the dashboard, identifying opportunities for improvement and maximising your productivity.

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