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Validate Conveyance Claims

Unolo compares actual distance travelled to the distance claimed & highlights any differences.


Digitise & Streamline Expense Claim Process

Employees submit claims & evidence directly from the app. Create a multi-level approval hierarchy to process claims.


Automate Conveyance Claim Process

Unolo can capture odometer readings & turn them into claims automatically.


Analyse Expense Claims & Monitor for Trends

Inbuilt dashboards that highlight staff claiming most expenses and monitor for trends.


Want to validate conveyance claims before approval ?

Unolo ensures that your employees' conveyance claims are accurate.


Calculate distance travelled

Based on the GPS tracking data coming from their phone, we calculate the distance travelled.


Highlight differences

Highlight any differences between the distance travelled and the distance claimed.


Odometer readings

Capture odometer readings and automatically turn them into conveyance claims.

Intuitive dashboards

Handling expenses is tough work. Our dashboards allow you to keep tabs on what's important quickly.

  • Identify top performing products, clients, field executives and more.
  • Monitor trends in order quantity and value for a week or month.
  • Easily check the status of all orders.
  • Track average order price and discount.

Managing expenses can be a nightmare,
but it doesn't have to be.

Approval policies

Approve via their reporting manager(s), through a fixed set of approvers or a combination of both.

Expense limits

Put daily/weekly/monthly claim thresholds on expenses by category, team and designation.

Backdated claims

Set restrictions on how far back your field employees can raise conveyance or expense claims.

Conveyance rates

Define conveyance claim rate for travel by car or bike. Further customise based on team or designation.

Backup approvers

Define backup approvers who can approve expenses in case the main approver is not available.

Auto conveyance

Automatically submit conveyance claims based on the distance travelled via odometer.

How does it work?

Our platform makes it simple to submit and approve claims.



Field executives submit expense or conveyance claims through the app along with evidence.



Administrators approve expenses via a customisable approval strategy. Field executives can track status real time through the app.



You can enforce claim limits, define how far back you can raise claims or even automatically raise conveyance expenses in line with your company policies.



Keep track of your costs via our intuitive dashboards that show expense comparisons and breakdowns. Or download reports for detailed analysis.

FAQS ABOUT Expense Management Software

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Unolo’s proprietary distance calculation system enables it to identify fraudulent conveyance bills with precision. By leveraging our GPS tracking capabilities, Unolo cross-checks the claimed total distance travelled with the actual distance travelled by your field employees. This ensures that your company only pays for legitimate expenses and avoids any potential loss due to false claims.

Unolo can also capture odometer readings and turn them into conveyance claims automatically, saving you both time and resources with high-precision tracking. This not only reduces manual work but also subjugates any irregularities that may arise.

You can also set restrictions on how far back your field employees can raise claims and apply daily, weekly or monthly claim thresholds on expenses by category, team and designation. This gives you greater control over your expenses and enables you to make more informed decisions.

In summary, Unolo provides a comprehensive solution for validating all conveyance claims and customising your expenses to better manage your budget.

With Unolo, you can rest assured that your company's expenses are being accurately tracked and controlled.

An expense management software like Unolo simplifies the process of creating, managing, and tracking expenses with accuracy and transparency. It allows businesses to validate and process conveyance claims, expense reports and more.

Unolo offers a simple process where field executives submit claims through the app with evidence, administrators approve expenses via customisable strategies and businesses can enforce claim limits and define policies.

Unolo's intuitive dashboards enable tracking of costs and comparisons while detailed analysis reports can be downloaded. Overall, Unolo is a crucial tool for businesses looking to manage their expenses with greater efficiency, accuracy and control.

Yes, you can automate travelling allowance (TA) and daily allowance (DA) with Unolo.

Our proprietary distance calculation system calculates how much an employee has travelled in a day on their bike or car, allowing them to create a conveyance claim for the distance covered. To further automate the process, you can enable the Odometer feature which calculates the total distance travelled and automatically turns it into a conveyance claim.

With Unolo, you can approve conveyance claims via a reporting manager(s), a fixed set of approvers or a combination of both. This flexibility allows you to choose the most appropriate approval strategy for your business.

In addition, Unolo enables you to create custom expense categories like Lodging, Meals, Outstation Meal, Stationary, and Daily Allowance. You can also set daily, weekly, or monthly claim thresholds on business expenses by category, team, and designation. This feature provides greater control over your expenses and ensures that expenses are being managed within the desired limits.

In short, Unolo offers a streamlined process for managing TA and DA expenses, and provides customization options that help to simplify expense management for your business.