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Custom Leave Management

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Real-time Attendance

One simple dashboard that shows who is working, on leave, or who has not shown up for work.


Calculate working hours

Create custom shifts and calculate working hours of your field force.


Flexible Leave Policy

Create custom leave types, leave entitlements, and process leave requests with a few clicks.


Monitor Headcount at a Site/Office

Unolo can automatically tell you how many people are at a particular site or office location.


Want to check who is working and who is not?

Unolo’s attendance dashboard shows everything you need to manage your field force effectively.


Real time working status

Monitor who has punched in/out for the day or is on leave.


Restrict attendance to a location

Restrict punching in and out to a specific location or office.


Capture attendance location

Capture the location of the employee when they punch in or out.

Need to calculate attendance for your organisation?

Ditch the expensive facial recognition and biometric systems and use Unolo.


Complete Attendance Management System

Unolo automatically calculates the attendance of your organisation, including who is present, absent, and on leave.


Integrate with your Payroll System

Unolo can automatically send attendance data to your payroll system, saving you time and effort.


Powerful reports & analytics

Unolo's reports offer attendance insights, including patterns, absences, late clock-ins, half-days and working hours.


Need a leave management system?

Unolo supports all the features you want.


Unolo gives you full control over your leaves

Define your own leave types and leave balances.


Requests and approvals are simple

All requests are made through the app and approvers are notified to take action immediately.

We make sure that location tracking is reliable and accurate.

Attendance Selfie

Capture attendance while puching in/out.

Attendance Form

Capture the form data while puching in/out.

Restrict Attendance Marking

Restrict punching in/out to a specific sites or offices.

Works in Zero Connectivity

As long as GPS is turned on, Unolo can monitor your team's location.

Time Based Auto Attendance

Automatically start tracking based on their shift timings.

Location based auto attendance

Automatically punch in attendance when they enter a location

Need to calculate headcount at a location automatically?

Unolo makes it a breeze.


Geo-tag places important to you

Define sites like your office, your factory or your warehouse.


Headcount automatically gets calculated

Unolo automatically tracks when they enter the location and shows them as present. You can even mark their attendance automatically as soon as they enter the location.



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An attendance management system is a powerful software tool that enables businesses to track employee attendance, monitor working hours, and process leave requests.

Unolo is a top-rated field force management solution that offers various attendance features like:

  • Real-time Attendance Processing
  • Site-based Attendance & Monitoring
  • Custom Leave Management
  • Monitor employee working hours
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Selfie and biometric attendance verification
  • Live Location tracking

Unolo makes attendance simple, seamless and transparent.

Unolo is the solution to prevent "buddy punching"! When employees arrive at their work location, they take a selfie or use their unique biometric information (like a fingerprint) to verify their attendance.

This ensures that the right person is clocking in and prevents employees from clocking in for each other. Unolo makes attendance tracking accurate and reliable. This means businesses can save time and money while improving efficiency.

Yes, you can rely on Unolo to ensure that no one can mark attendance for someone else. Unolo is powered by a proprietary facial recognition system, which you can utilise by asking your employees to upload a selfie when they mark their attendance.

Unolo can easily verify the employee's identity and can also identify if someone tries to cheat the attendance system by using a digital image or photograph. With Unolo, you can trust that your attendance tracking is accurate, reliable, and secure.

It's possible that an employee's attendance may not get recorded due to a technical or human error. If this happens, the employee can raise a request to amend the mistake. Unolo will then notify the manager or administrator, who can take the necessary action to correct the attendance record.

However, if there is a technical error that can't be resolved, you can simply get in touch with our support team and they will be able to assist you. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that your attendance tracking runs smoothly.