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Monitor Real-time Employee Location

With unparalleled accuracy and reliability, you can monitor the location and movement of your field team.


Increase Accountability with Geofences

Get real-time geofence boundary notifications when a team member enters or exits a geofence.


Track total distance travelled

Know how much they have travelled with 95% accuracy with our proprietary distance calculation algorithm


Detailed Timeline Review

Review the timeline of your field team members to know where they have been and what they have been doing.


Want to monitor your team's real time location?

Unolo makes it easy for you to know where they are.



Employee punches in to start their day.



Unolo starts tracking their location.



You can monitor real-time & historical location on the panel.

Distance Calculation & Conveyance Claims can be a hassle.

But not when you have Unolo.


Keep track of your field executives total distance travelled with our GPS based distance calculation feature.


Verify the accuracy of claimed distances by comparing them with actual distance travelled.


Unolo can also capture odometer readings and turn them into conveyance claims automatically, saving you both time and resources with high-precision tracking.


Want to know if they are going somewhere outside their assigned area?

Get notified when they enter and exit their geofence.


Create geofences

Define regions to monitor - something as simple as an office or as complex as a forest


Sit back and let Unolo do the work

Unolo will automatically send notifications when they enter or exit that geofence.

We make sure that location tracking is reliable and accurate.

GPS Spoofer Detection

Get notified when a GPS spoofer is detected.

Date/Time manipulation

App stops working if it detects date or time are changed.

GPS On/Off Notifications

Get instant notification if GPS is disabled on any device.

Works in Zero Connectivity

As long as GPS is turned on, Unolo can monitor your team's location.

95% Accurate Tracking

Track real-time location of your field teams with 95% accuracy.

Video Setup Guides

Watch video setup guides for each model and make.


Intuitive dashboards

Unolo's intuitive dashboard puts you in the driver's seat, providing complete control over your business operations.

  • Stay up-to-date on attendance track who's present and who's on leave.
  • Monitor the real-time location of all your field employees.
  • Stay informed about your staffing levels at each business location.
  • Check historical data and download comprehensive reports.

Bad or No Internet? Unolo Works Everywhere

Don't let a lack of internet connectivity hamper your plans of expanding your business.

Our cutting-edge technology automatically syncs data when the connection is restored, ensuring your operations run smoothly at all times.

If you're looking for a field employee tracking app that is dependable, look no further and click on the button below.


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Team Member

Amit Mehrotra

Chief Manager - Technology, Dainik Bhaskar

Unolo's employee location tracking is amazing! It's so easy to keep track of where my employees are and ensure they're working where they should be. The interface is user-friendly and we can access it from anywhere.

Team Member

Ankush Ajapunje

Program Manager, uolo

Managing our team has been a breeze since we started using Unolo. It has helped us stay connected with our team around the clock and keep a track of tasks completed and pending. It's simply amazing!

Team Member

Prrem mayanand Chaurasia

Zonal marcom, airtel

Unolo’s automatic distance calculation and expense management have saved us a lot of time and hassle! It’s great to have a system that automatically validates conveyance claims based on distance travelled by our field team.

Team Member

Naresh Thorve

VEF-IT, Manappuram

We started working with Unolo when we needed to develop a custom software solution for our business. They even went the extra mile to ensure everything was perfectly tailored to our needs. I recommend Unolo to anyone who needs Field force management solution

FAQs About Employee Location Tracking

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Yes, it is legal to track your employees in India if they have given their consent. You should also have a well-defined GPS tracking policy that complies with the data protection and privacy laws of India.
The most affordable and effective way to track employee location is to use a reputable location monitoring software like Unolo.
There are various ways to track the performance of field employees, but one effective way is to use a field employee tracking software like Unolo. This software allows you to monitor real-time attendance, create geofences to ensure employees are working in the designated areas, and calculate the time spent at all locations. It also allows you to monitor work delays and track task completions.
A salesman tracking app like Unolo can improve sales team productivity and provide real-time monitoring for better decision-making. Features such as beat/route planning, location tracking, and conveyance claim processing can streamline operations and increase efficiency.