Great for companies looking for basic location tracking & attendance. You'll know where your staff is at all times.
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  • Web-based admin panel
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Distance Travelled Info
  • Attendance
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Email Support
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All the tools you need to manage your field work & grow your business
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  • Everything in LITE +
  • App-based admin panel
  • Custom Client Database
  • Geo-tagged Task Assignment
  • Real-time Task Progress Reports
  • Photo Upload
  • Custom Forms
  • Order Booking
  • API Access
  • Auto start Location Tracking
  • Geo restricted Attendance
  • Phone Support
Solutions for your large or complex organization
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  • Everything in ELITE +
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Expert Training And Assistance
  • Customizable Solutions
  • OTP Verification
  • Performance evaluation (Team Targets)
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Location tracking

Real time location tracking
Eliminate the doubt. Know exactly where your field force is at all times.
Automatic distance calculation
Know how much they are travelling (+- 10%) Validate their claims and conveyance without any effort.
Auto start
Ease software adoption Automatically start location tracking based on their shift hours
Location update frequency
Get to know their location faster Controls how fast your field executive location updates are published

Attendance - a complete geo-aware HRMS attendance solution

Define working shifts
Define who is working and when Used to determine working hours and attendance
Calculate working hours and attendance
Know who is working and how much Get details on working hours and whether they are present/absent, everything you need to calculate payroll
Selfie authentication
Validate who is marking attendance Capture a photo whenever a field executive marks their attendance
Attendance geo-restriction
Ensure your field executives start/end their day at the right place Restrict attendance marking to one or more locations
Attendance in/out forms
Gather valuable data at the right time Design your own forms and get them to fill it out whenever they mark their attendance in/out
Reduce admin burden Self service portal that allows field executives to request for changes to attendance.
Biometric Authentication
Make sure the right person is on the job Get them to upload their selfie or use onboard device authentication to validate that the right person is marking attendance.
Calculate workings hours at one or more locations
Ditch your biometric machine Calculate working hours based on time spent at one or more locations
Define working hours through rosters

Work tracking - Real time geo-aware platform to view, manage and assign tasks

Geo-tagged tasks
Eliminate the doubt - know what work your field executives are doing Get details on time, location and work done.
Geo-tagged photos
A picture is worth a thousand words Get evidence to show what work was done
Geo-tagged forms
Gather structured data that is important to you Design your own customs forms for your field executives to complete
Client database
Ditch Excel, use our CRM system Build up a geo-tagged client database
Site database
Want to know how much time people are spending in your office automatically? Indicate important places like your office/warehouse/etc in our system and we will automatically track time spent
One-click check in
For the really busy field executives A one button check-in that indicates work was done
Task assignment
Your field executive's schedule right on their phone Assign tasks to your field executives up to a month in advance.
Auto task detection
Complete automated client visit detection Automatically detect which clients/sites your field executives are visiting without them having to enter anything!
Repeating tasks
Make scheduling repetive tasks a breeze Repeat tasks on particular days for up to a month in advance
Easily define fixed routes (like pickup/dropoffs) Save your admins time and hassle and assign routes to field executives on particular days
Generate sales invoice generation on the go Customize your invoice template, upload your products and then generate and share orders from app
Number of custom fields
Collect data that is important to you Define your own custom fields that you can collect when creating a client/task
Number of clients / field executive
Number of sites / field executive
Number of tasks / field executive / day
Number of photos / field executive / day
Number of forms / field executive / day
Essentials - All the goodies that come with it

Web-based admin panel
One place to monitor everything Everything from monitoring real time location to downloading reports
Maps on Open Street Maps
Maps on Google Maps
The one place you need to visit to see what all your field executive did Aggregate location, movement and work done onto one single page that makes it really easy to see what someone did
Employee compliance panel
One place to monitor software adoption We make it really easy to see who is allowing Unolo to run properly
App-based admin panel
All the power of the web based admin panel on the go. The most critical aspects of monitoring your field executives in a mobile app
Real time notifications
Know immediately when action needs to be taken From approving expenses to knowing if someone has disabled GPS, get alerts even when you are not watching
Admin heirarchy
Control access to data easily Layout your reporting heirarchy and control who sees what data
Downloadable reports
Download all the data for further analysis Download reports for everything from location to work completed for further slicing and dicing
API access
Integrate into your own systems With our open API, extract data out of Unolo and move it whereever you want
Make sense of all the data Get meaningful insights into the way your field executives work so that you can take action
Expense management
Get rid of your old paper based expense systems Digitize and automate your expense processing with our end-to-end process that makes it easy to manage expenses and conveyance