Mobile powered geo-aware attendance solution that makes measuring productivity simple. Works great for people on the field and people at a office/site.

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Real time attendance

Know real time who has marked their attendance or not through the Unolo app. Including those who are on leave or who are on their weekly off. From one simple screen.

Attendance HRMS

Know exactly who was present, absent, worked a half day or not working for your entire organisation. Download detailed reports that give you the full picture on your organisation's attendance.

Attendance workflows

Field executives can request attendance regularisation or leaves from the app. Administrators can also override directly through the admin panel.
Replaces biometric solution
Calculate working hours
Calculate time spent at location
Attendance override from app
Leave requests from app

Define working hours easily through shifts

Use shifts for fixed weekly schedules like 10am to 6pm. Use rosters for more adhoc scheduling.

Start location tracking automatically

By default, a field executive has to manually mark their attendance through the Unolo app. You can choose to start and stop automatically according to their working hours for added flexibility).

Differentiate between people who move and people to stay fixed

Attendance hours will be based on:
  • Time spent logged in for duty (great for field sales/operations)
  • Time spent at a location(s) (great for retail or office workers)
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10,000+ Field executives 6 million+ Attendance records 54 million+ Hours logged on duty

Know automatically which sites your field executives are at

Without any manual task marking, VASA will automatically determine time spent at a site or a group of sites. A site can be anything from a retail store to a tea plantation.

Real time site attendance without biometric system

Get realtime headcount at each of your sites. Know which sites are understaffed by defining expected locations.