Location Tracking

How does it work?

When an FE marks their attendance in through the app, their app’s location is recorded and their location tracking starts. Every 5 minutes (configurable), a location update is recorded and published in real time to our admin panel. Their location tracking stops when they mark their attendance out through the app.

Attendance marking can also be started automatically based on working hours as described here.

If internet is not available, data is stored and published automatically when reconnected to the internet.

What can I configure
  1. Location update interval
    How often a location update is published. Default is 5 minutes. Lower interval values mean higher battery consumption. Higher interval values mean lower battery consumption.
  2. Battery optimization (iPhone only)
    Reduces battery use by relying on cell phone tower location only instead of high accuracy GPS data.
How do I see this real time?

Go to the map view page.

How to I download location data?

Download the location detail report

Why is the location not updating after their sign in?

One of two reasons:

  1. Unolo app is not allowed to run in the background, then we can’t track their location.
  2. Field executive has disabled GPS.

As described below when it does not work, continuous background location tracking will only work if they have allowed Unolo to run in the background AND they have their GPS enabled while they are on duty.

How to get background location tracking to be more reliable?
The best way

The best solution is to fix their setup and compliance rating. Make sure they both get to A.
If setup rating is not A, get them to fix their phone settings to allow Unolo to run in the background at all times.
You can easily send a notification to all your field executives to do this by clicking here.
If their compliance rating is not A, inform your field executive that they should not disable GPS while on duty.
You can easily send a push notification to all your field executives to not disable their GPS by clicking here or send them a chat message.

The easiest way

If you are having difficulty getting your field executives to get their setup rating and compliance rating to A, then a shortcut way is to get them to just open up their Unolo app for more than 10 seconds. If they mark a visit, upload a photo or click a form then even better, at least you get some productivity measures out of it.
This is a quick fire ‘jugaad’ way of tackling the problem.