Distance travelled

How do we calculate distance travelled?

From the time the field executive marks their attendance in, we start measuring the distance they have travelled.

We take the location data and ‘transform’ it into the nearest roads travelled by the employee to get a +-10-20% accurate picture of distance travelled.

We stop calculating the distance travelled when the employee marks their attendance out.

Using travels : A 100% accurate way of calculating conveyance

If you want to get a much more accurate calculation of distance travelled, field executives can use the travel feature from the Unolo mobile app.

Using this feature, before the field executive starts travelling to any location, they click on a point, a task or a client in their MapDashboard page in their app and the app does a Google directions lookup from their current location to their destination.

It presents to them the quickest and/or fastest ways in which to go. It shows them the distance and the time taken to travel by each route. The field executive has to select a route and indicate that they have started travelling.

Once they reach within 200 meters of their destination, they can end the travel. If they end the travel outside 200 meters of their destination, then the app will reperform a distance lookup from their original starting point to the current location and show them their new distance travelled.

Link to youtube video on travels for employee app.

Using this feature has two big advantages:

  • Field executive gets to know the best way to travel to their destination
  • Field executive knows exactly how much distance they are eligible to claim

Please note that Unolo will still calculate the distance travelled from attendance in to attendance out and show this to you in the AccuTrack page and reports.

The detail of their travel data is available ONLY in the travel report.

Why is the distance travelled coming much less than expected?

If we can’t get the location of the field executive while the app is running in the background, then we won’t be able to calculate distances travelled properly.

As described in below when it does not work, if the setup rating or the compliance rating of a field executive is not A for that day’s calculation, then we will not be able to calculate distance travelled accurately.

How to improve distance travelled accuracy?

The best way

The best solution is to fix their setup and compliance rating. Make sure they both get to A.

If setup rating is not A, get them to fix their phone settings to allow Unolo to run in the background at all times.

You can easily send a notification to all your field executives to do this by clicking here.

If their compliance rating is not A, inform your field executive that they should not disable GPS while on duty.

You can easily send a push notification to all your field executives to not disable their GPS by clicking here or send them a chat message.

The easiest way

If you are having difficulty getting your field executives to get their setup rating and compliance rating to A, then a shortcut way is to get them to just open up their Unolo app for more than 10 seconds. If they mark a visit, upload a photo or click a form then even better, at least you get some productivity measures out of it.

This is a quick fire ‘jugaad’ way of tackling the problem.